Monday, August 27, 2012


Jean Claude Bamogo—Panaki Panazoe Mix 2

Face A
Ting-Tang *
Tinga Nooma
Laalé *

Face B
Mam Nonga Foo
Panaki panazoe *
Panaki panazoe

*—Focus tracks

Here is a late period album of intricately rendered dance jams and low-key phone-ins from Burkina Faso's Jean Claude Bamogo (who was in old school awesome band l'Orchestra Super Volta). It is what it is, even legends don't make 100% perfect tapes. The good tracks are really good.

thank you, track number 5 has no correct link.
oh thanks, fixed it!

Thank you so much for this amazing site ! I really love african music and that's a blessing !

Cheers from France !
"It is what it is" - and that's still something pretty wonderful! Thank you!!!
Remembering Jean Claude Bamogo:

According to info there this cassette is from 1986
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