Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Getatchew Mekurya

Side A
Side B 
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10

Definitely don't sleep on brilliant Ethiopian sax man Getatchew Mekurya. He has recently been touring and recording with the Ex and, of course, is featured in the earth shattering Éthiopiques series.

This may be your awesomest, Brian. Thank you.
Well *this* is nice to find after not having stopped by the blog for far too long! And I can't wait to get that Archach and Hadda Ouakki in my ears too.
Vi danki! Fantastic music.

H. Badaud
Hill End
Thanks for the nice tunes.

If you follow this link theres some pics of you at de Affaire Festival in Nijmegen. Just scroll down a bit.

I'm really curious to hear this, but seriously, why can't you use a regular one-download format like other blogs do? It's annoying as hell to download all these separate files, and all else that comes with it.
a lot of people enjoy having the option to hear individual tracks without downloading the whole record.

if you can't be bothered to click "save as" 10 times for free music then I don't know what this world is coming to.

blogs that used megaupload and the like have gotten seriously fucked, pretty glad i have chosen this path.
i agree brian.do not change.i much prefer the save as option so that all tracks are individual an can be previewed before being downloaded.best regards from montreal.
Thanks for this one, Brian, and your comments above are right on. I appreciate the individual tracks very much.
Thanks for this one, Brian, and your comments above are right on. I really appreciate the individual tracks.
Great post! As for the earlier comment ... really? You(banzaibill) know there are programs available like Download Them All! that are perfect for lazy, thankless wankers like yourself.
Great post! As for the earlier comment ... really? You know there are programs available like Download Them All! that are perfect for lazy, thankless wankers such as yourself bb.
I am glad you have chosen your path as well. BB needs a mantra "Gift horse, mouth, don't look" or better yet..."don't be lazy."
Thanks a lot!
Any idea of track titles anyone?
Thank you thank you thank you. But I can't tell you how tired my poor fingers get downloading all these obscure masterpieces. And then I actually have to listen to them! My ears! Life can be such a trial. Keep it up, please.
hahaha, all you guys rule! even the ones who complain sometimes.

as jewish american. i am totally stricken with the complainer gene so i have sympathy.

back from vacation so more music coming soon!
Hi Brian,

first of all: love the blog! I have been out of the loop a while though (not checking in) and now that I return I am having trouble downloading the songs. For some reason I can't use the 'right click' to save an individual song anymore. Do you perhaps have an idea about what may cause this problem? I am using Mozilla.

Thanks and keep on keepin' on!
genius - thank you so so much. you bring me muchos joy.

posted a little link at my blog
One of my favourite saxophonists ever since I first heard him on the Ethiopiques releases. Amazing, thanks!
First of all, thank you.
Do you know the name of this cassette or if its released in lp too?

Definitely, the first track is Tezeta...and then track 7 is Meche New. Great cassette, I think we can find somewhere genuine name of this release.
some news for fans in EU/USA; during next summer, Getatchew will do his last western tour before he will retire from touring.... so keep a good eye on the better world/eclectic festivals!
Hello Brian!! Any idea of the name of this K7? and when was it released?
thanks for the great work!
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