Monday, August 06, 2012


General Kollington Ayinla & His African Fuji Eaglets Lakukulala

Side 1
Tiwa Laye Nfe
Olorun Lo Jona Mo'le
Tiwon Oto, Tolorun Oto

Side 2
Bi General Gborin Tuntun De
Basorun Abiola
Karaye Ma Se Damu Awa
Abere Ajesara
The Late Journalists
Alh. Sulaimon Oyegbemi

I can't get enough Nigerian fuji music these days. Here is a particularly deep one from a king among men. 1991 wishes you a blessed day.

Yeah Man! Thanks for this one:) swinging as I'm writing
The title ALONE sells this one! Thanks very much!
the video for this one is sick, too. here's part one:

either this one or the one for Ijo Yo Yo, it shows Kollington chillin' at home! WOW!! Even better than the inside of Dolemite's house from that classic film... check it out!

Hey! Thanks for your Flow festival concert!

Is it possible to have the playlist from Flow? Specially the last song was great.

Thank you.
hey! i can't remember everything i played at flow but that last song was Ata Kak's Daa Nyinaa here's the link:
this video IS sick!! thanks.
On Ethiopiques, a new interview with Francis Falcetto:
Hello! I heard you playing at Flow Festival, and there was one song that got stuck in my mind, it was a song that sound like a 80's boogie song, it had a really catchy melody, and a powerful bass. I remember you played it maybe 20 minutes before the end. I would highly appreciate if you could tell me what it is, so that i could buy it :)

Thank you
hmm, was it this song Burkina Faso by Gyedu Blay Ambolley?
Great song, but it wasn't that one :)

It was a little bit slower, kinda reminded me of Aurra-Like I Like It. It had a pretty similar bass riff/sound as Like i like it.

Thanks for your help!
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WOW! It is awesome post i really impressed and especially the pic is looking so good.
Fantastic music, thank you.
glad I found this one :-)
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