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Boubou Tounkara—Tara

Face A
Alpha Yaya

Face B
Na Kadija

In my mind Sahelian music doesn't get much better than this. You're welcome to disagree. But that damn n'goni might knock you over... if the one-two of the tinkly keyboards and Mr. Tounkara's vocalizations don't KO you first.

I can't disagree because I've never heard this stuff, but I'm really looking forward to trying it out... thanks very much!
Fantastic stuff. The tinkly keyboard work is gamalanesquely delightful. Thanks.
Hi Brian

I didn't find much info's about Bobou Tounkara; the N'goni's are played in the Serakole (Serahule) or Soninko mood - you might have a look at Ganda Fadiga who's well known in Mali, but pretty unknwown outside.

Quite a lot of Tounkara's come from the nortwest of Mali, towards the mauretaninan border, which is "Soninke-land", as well.

Want to know more about this mystery artist! I think the tinkly sounds everyone's talking about might be coming from a small xylophone? It sounds to me like a pretty talented balafon player rocking out on a child's toy.

Can anyone say what language(s) he's singing?

Lots of Tounkaras (like Djelimady) from western Mali near the Senegal border.
Actually, now that I listen to side 2, I think it is a Casio...
Boubou sings in Soninké, that sound like a game with a balafon is an electronic accompaniment, commonly used by griots especially in the town of Tounkara's, Kita.

The songs are classics of the Mandé repertoire , dedicated to important Pular figures in the history of the land, therefore Boubou Tounkará I guess, belongs to the historic region of the Khasso.
awesome !!
greetings from vienna, austria
You may need some training to enjoy it but worth the effort!
Simply delicius
I really love it

Ngoni - as always fabulous depth of knowledge, you continually amaze me! Thank you for this info.

And brian - wow, another winner!

After hearing a couple of times the tape, everything is clearer.
It seems that Boubou is a Fune or Mabo, a "word keeper" that has requested the services of a guitarist (perhaps the late guitarist Fimani Diabaté) to make a recording.
Boubou is singing Soninké stories on the Mandingo repertoire of guitar melodies, resulting in a very interesting cultural mix.
Thanks Ngoni! As always, incredible insight into this stuff. You get the award for most valuable commenter.
I am feeling blessed to have found this website tonight! Thanks for posting this fantastic music.
Wow. Trance-like or what?! An hour of zoning out & relaxing. Great stuff. Thank you!
The only thing I can connect this to in my mind, oddly enough, is late-era Coil.
Thanks Brian! really great stuff!

Can you tell when was this album released? 2012?
Estoy escuchando ahora estos temas y la música es copadísima.

Una verdadera joya.

Se sabe quiénes son los músicos que acompañan a Boubou?

Muchas gracias.
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