Sunday, May 20, 2012


Alekpehanhou Roi du Zinli Rénové

Face A
Agbon Hou Agbon
Ta Hoho Mon Non
Nou É Kon Gningnin É

Face B
Gni Dokponon Homé Do
Mi Nou Mi Ni Mon Midé Gbô
Na Non Sô Tin Tché Mè
Noussoudaho Houésava

Polyrhythmic spirals courtesy of this zinli music cassette from Benin, for your journey to the other world. I am reveling in the beautiful, unified restraint of the elements here, boiled down to a persistent essence of drums, bells and vocals that linger like smoke in the mix. The eminently informative VOA African Treasures blog has some details on Alekpehanhou and the state of traditional music listening in Benin.

this is fucking astounding
Terrific piece you did for the Collateral Damage column in The Wire, issue 340. Not a cut'n dried situation you are plumbing with becoming a netlabel, and your concerns and arguments on different sides of the fence are true and admirable.

Bottom line is the music is being heard, the artists are being recognized and rewarded, the world is richer culturally for what you are doing.

Many thanks,
What an amazing album. I'm glad I downloaded this, I'll probably listen to it for ages now.
Thanks so much for this. Been after these tracks for a while. Yeh I agree; it's f**king astounding!
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