Sunday, April 01, 2012


Manka Le Phallang—Mokhosi

Side 1
Koko Inama
Ngoka Kenna Feela

Side 2
Linyane La Tau
Tlo Hella Batho
E Tang Taba

This 1989 Basotho famo music recording from fascinating land-island-within-South Africa Lesotho oughta set y'all straight for a minute. Accordion and bass heavy. Nice n' smooth. Add to that high-pitched super-hot (perhaps a bit too hot?) whistling and the real mood of this music shakes out.

Forthcoming Awesome Tapes From Africa release by Bola comes out Tuesday, preorder here or your favorite record shop.

ALSO--Super stoked to let you know Awesome Tapes will be taking an extended hiatus for a 5-month surfing and sailing adventure in Southeast Asia. Be well.

ps- April Fool's.
Haha! Funny :)
sheesh, i was thinking "must be nice," but i was gonna miss all the cool tunes, hahaha!!!!
Mokhosi and Ngaka Kenna are not working files. Not sure what the April Fool's joke was, but can you repost the bad tracks?
those files seem to work for me...anyone else having problems?
I download those songs twice and each time the files were zero bytes.

However, I downloaded them successfully yesterday. Just one of the mysteries of the interwebs, I guess.

Thanks for all great tunes. This is one of my favorite blogs.
Absolutely love this tape, some of the best stuff I've found on this site, or elsewhere! This is very clearly the kind of music Paul Simon was hearing on his pre-Graceland trip to South Africa.
The man behind Manka... is Chakela: King of famo music. The queen seems to be Puseletso Seema, but I can hardly find any music from her. Anyone a suggestion?
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