Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Alhaji Ayinla Omowura—Ati D'Ariyo

Side 1

Side 2

Warbly low end, complex bubbly rhythms that are part Yoruba talking drums, part bad tape... I love the almost meandering, laid back apala tempo, at one point a precursor to faster, more frenetic fuji music (with which I have lately been obsessed).

I have always enjoyed the solo and chorus vocals throughout this late 70s apala joint by one of the king practitioners of the genre. Oh nice, iTunes has a few other recordings by Nigeria's late great Alhaji Ayinla Omowura.

wa-alhamdulillah! Together with alHajji Haruna Ishola Omowura is teh best apala ever (on earth)
Very, very interesting blog! Thank you very much to share this beautiful music with the world.
I find an interesting spanish program sometimes dedicated to african music. If you want to discover it as I made recently, I left the link to find it:

And the poscast is:
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