Monday, February 20, 2012


Issa Coulibaly dit Trih Issa

Face A
Kono Kambora

Face B

Please make way for Mr. Issa Coulibaly (and his cohort a.k.a Trih Issa). This cassettes plays like a personal communication from one established Guinean griot to another, soul-drenched kora and balafon and vocals to the hilt, something we've kind of heard before here but nothing quite like this. Traditional instrument parking only today. All others will be crushed.

Awesome find. As always. Quick note - "dit" means "aka" like i would put "erich dit soungalo" (meaning "erich, but my nickname is soungalo").

Ah yes, thanks for the tip! i adjusted the post per your edit. appreciate it.
Much enjoyed your set @ Hyperion Tavern, felt lucky to catch you while passing thru L.A..
Thanks for that one, Brian!

I might be wrong, but I didn't hear the kora, nor I think Issa Coulibaly is a guinean griot, but rather a Malian from the Sikasso-Koutiala-region...

Have a look at Lamissa Bengaly.

kind regards
Brian, I heard this broadcast yesterday, I think you might find it interesting.
American, moved to Morocco in 1967. Enjoy, Peter
3 fantastic posts in a row! (Well, dozens & dozens really, but the last 3 especially special!) Thanks for these - warm African vocals much appreciated in cold England
I could be wrong, but I if this is the same Issa. I believe he is from Mali. He still performs and currently lives in Rhode Island.
reminds me of those old moolobali keita tapes that were making the rounds a few years ago. i like!!! very nice...
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