Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mama Diabate—Nambiyo

Side A
Koumbe Diara
Tenen Kaba

Side B
Danka Boli
Koumbe Diara

Glittery and glammed out Manding pop from Guinea, perfectly balanced between traditional and modern persuasions. Vocals cut sharp, kora never dull, everything else falls into place / makes you want to dance. Don't stop.

Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ sets in California coming up:

Feb 2/Oakland//Hott Lava at Starline Social Club Feb 4/Oakland/Hott Lava at ABCo
Feb 6/San Francisco//Aquarius Records In-Store Whatttttt (5-7pm)
Feb 8/Los Angeles//Nomerica at Naya on Sunset (formerly Tantra)
Feb 10/Los Angeles//Top Tape by dublab at The Hyperion Tavern
Feb 11 San Francisco//Tormenta Tropical at Elbo Room

Glad to see your blog is still alive.

How about posting some of your dj sets for those of us who live in the boondocks?
Of course! Here are links to a few:

Vice Italy:

XLR8R Podcast mix:

Red Bull Academy Radio mix:
Thanks, Brian. Looking forward to hearing these mixtapes.

Hope you can keep this blog alive. So many of our friends have been shutdown. It's very sad.

Forgive me for being anonymous. In times like these it just seems prudent.

Long live ATFA!
Just found your blog. It's such an original concept and i'm so impressed. Now following :D

Muse Origins
tha shit
that balafone is way off the hook
Mama Diabate has a CD on the great Popular African Music (PAM) label.
'Koffi Cola Na Yo'. Some wonderful guitar and keyboards, topped off with Mama's vocal.
She's also on another beautiful acoustic CD on the same label. 'Donkili Diarabi' by Les Soeurs Diabate - that's Mama, Sayon and Sona Diabate.
Great great tape - thank you!!!
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