Friday, January 13, 2012


Bola Volume 7 Coming April 2/3 Worldwide

Listen to the track "Abayetidu Ma" from the forthcoming Awesome Tapes From Africa release by Bola. He is a singer and instrumentalist from Bolgatanga, Ghana who has been putting out tape after tape of ridiculously energetic and thoughtful songs for the last few years. I almost died when I heard this Volume 7 tape for the first time. Bola's intense Frafra-language vocals, along with his shredding kologo—a two-stringed lute—boosted by bass-heavy, angular keyboard melodies and dance floor-ready drums. I am fascinated by Bola's take on a traditional instrument and musical style. Look out for this release in early April on LP/CD/MP3/limited edition cassette.

Bola "Abayetidu Ma" by awesometapesfromafrica

hellz yes
FULL VIM! This sounds incredible dood.
nice sounds nice post... tnx!!!
Glad to see you're still here.
Awesome! Can't wait to hear the whole album :)
this is my most beloved blog. i frequently hear and download the music.

i wonder how does the artists from africa feel about the reality of people all over the world listening, loving, and downloading their music, but not paying. i ask off course with all respect and love.
hell yeah Bolga!
Wow! May be my favorite track posted here so far. Can't wait for the full album!
best post man thank by Saraiki Portal
yes Brian... just came back from Ghana with a video CD of Bola's music. 8 killer tracks, and each one a music video too!!!
By far one of the most intesting and soulful albums I've heard this year. Hearing it in sunny Glasgow, Scotland this album blew me away man! Fantastic
Hi everyone
Anyone got some Lemzo Diamono recorings?

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