Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Prince Khonjo—Binadamu Hatosheki

Side 1
Mchezo Wa Zaire

Side 2
Mambo Poa

File under: bizarre/mind-blowing. This simple dance of drum machine and determined vocals generates something particularly ill. 1999 cusp-of-bongo flava jams recorded near the Kenyan coast. Thanks to Gearz Kuria of Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution for this.

This Saturday, August 20, Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ set at 70 North 6th St in Brooklyn, part of the inaugural TRADITION party featuring Brenmar, Ford & Lopatin, Rezound (of my super homies Group Tightener) and surprise others.

Awesome Tapes From Africa returns to Europe briefly as well:

25.08. BE Brussels Feerien
26.08. + 27.08. CH Zürich Theaterspektakel
28.08. ES Madrid La Casa Encendida

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Solomon Manori & Chemaner Band—Chepkunyuk

Face 1
Matibakach Chito
Kwantap David
Torikit Agenge

Face 2
Kenderwa Maiywa
Chemabei Mbaret
Ya Raeli
Ya Terterin

So there's this really great online discography of Kenyan and Tanzanian 45s called KenTanza Vinyl that is doing a brilliant job of digging through the history of singles made before the advent of tapes and CDs...however I can't find much info about this band there. But! Enjoy head-banging (or whatever you prefer to do) to these rugged and joyous Kenyan guitar band tunes that (for me) conjure mental images of dark brown wood. Feel like I am on an old tea plantation or something.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Ouobraogo Charles

Face A

Face B
Yel Doûûssa
Pag La Rao Yingre

This tape from Burkina Faso has been a minor revelation for me this week. On a scale of dull to wild I'd give it a "bananas++". Fast, energetic, fascinating harmonies, often hard-to-track rhythmic patterns. The kinds of things that make a guy's heart go pitter-pat on this sunny afternoon in Copenhagen.

Early August tour starts tomorrow. Holler at me if you're around:

05.08 DK Sejerø Festival
07.08 PL Katowice Off Festival
08.08 UK London Cafe Oto
11.08 CH Geneva Ecoutes au Vert
12.08 NL Venlo Zomerparkfeest
13.08 DE Hamburg MS Dockville

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