Saturday, May 21, 2011


Abass Akande Obesere—Introduction

Side A
Omoge Mushin
Fuji Ameme
Ijo Obesere

Side B
Iba Agba
Fun Wa Lo Owo
Oyinbo Danfo
Ikilo Mama

Original African Fuji Michael Jackson indeed. Aggressive and pumping Fuji music from Nigeria via an excellent grocery store on Flatbush Ave.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Professor Jay Machozi—Jasho Na Damu

Side A
Ndio Mzee
Jay Jr. Interlude
Jina Langu
Bongo Dar Interlude
Bongo Dar es Salaam
Yataka Moyo

Side B
Machozi Jasho na Damu
Piga Makofi
Salamu Bibi na Babu
Tathimini Interlude
Na Bado

Man, I love Tanzanian bongo flava genius Professor Jay. This tape from 2001—his first album—is so good it makes the one I previously posted seem almost dull now. This must be the most awesome African hip-hop I've heard since Baloji tore the roof off Joe's Pub that one time. Thanks to Peter in Berlin for this.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ set this Friday at Zebulon in Williamsburg with DJ Brad Loving, 10-4, FREE.

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