Saturday, January 29, 2011


Chikaha Rahma

Side 1
Rirsakr Fi Simana
Nagda Emaak
Esaka Malietouiali

Side 2
Yamarani Emrida
Ana Ehbibi Nabrih

Algerian music a kind person sent me recently. Great Saturday morning atmosphere. Thinking of politics in North Africa this week.

FYI Baltimore: I will be DJing Awesome Tapes from Africa on Saturday, February 5 at a party with a bunch of rad artwork and other DJs and stuff, at a place called STR8 CAVIN (B302 COPYCAT). Last time I went to Baltimore was for a hardcore show in like 2003. This is going to be awesome.

PS: In what feels like a major step, I joined Facebook this week. Just noticed someone made a Facebook page for this blog.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ami Koïta—Mory Djoa

Side A
Mory Djo
Djoliba Kono
Defa Wane

Side B
Hadja Bila
Hampate Ba

Synth-laden griot brilliance circa 1989 from one of Mali's crucial vocal goddesses. I used to write this tape off (Track 3 is a bit wooden) but lately I'm feeling the arrangements and undulating rhythms.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ set at the new Lovers Rock night at Tandem in Bushwick, with DJ MI AMI and Driphouse this Thursday, January 20.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Kweysha Seta

Side 1
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5

Side 2
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10

This tape from Ethiopia is full of left-field soulful insanity, the kind for which I live. Track 2 is straight disco magic, Track 4 is slippery and unreal. Can't figure out wtf is going on with Track 5. Every song is thoroughly worth it, jams all of them. Doing this blog might never get old if I keep coming across gems like this.

BTW: The Fader just posted a funny video of me jabbering on about tapes and such.

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