Monday, December 05, 2011


Ndiogou Seck—Tarou

Face A
Coow-li (Lang)
Interesse +

Face B
Yaama NDiaye

Man. This tape is killing me today. Senegalese mbalax-ish style acoustic music with amazing choir vocal responses back by beautifully produced ensemble of drums and massive torso-sized kalimba. Enjoy.

Not a kalimba is a Gongomá, built with old saw blades.
Thanks Ngoni! I figured SOMEONE must know the actual name of this instrument :)
thanks for thinking of us acousticats. different strokes for different folks, this is my thing. happy vibes, sharing is caring. love...
This is a very good example of "taasu" and I love it! Neekh na, saf sap sapparallllll!
It's a pity that A1 has been faded out. Way too short! Is the fade-out also on the cassette?
This tape is a lot of fun.

This is great. Big Thanks!!
does someone know in which year it was released?? thanks a lot
I adore this!
Thank you SO much for sharing all this amazing jewels!
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