Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ahwach Souss

Side A

Side B

This is Berber music from the Souss region of southern Morocco, which sounds like it was recorded at a festival or event (I think I outdoor ambiance plus background chatter... an awesome spontaneous vibe to this recording). Ahwach music blows me away and I think this tape is particularly insane. Listen to the bone crushing drum rhythm that follows the eerie solo vocal introduction. Side B completely loses its shit around 12 minutes in.

But could someone please help us with the band/album name for this one?

Looking forward to hearing this! The j-card reads merely "Ahwach Souss"
thanks for this, brian, your work is much appreciated!

heard many tapes while hitch-hiking through the anti-atlas years ago - some i even bought, but my tapedeck is rotten and for the few tapes it's not worth to buy a new one.

This tape is awesome!
Thank you much for all your work, I visit your site often and always find something interesting.
i'm almost certain the soloist is lahcen ajma`, one of the most famous ahwash singers. as for the accompanying singers and musicians, more often than not they just belong to that village and aren't professional or anything.
I love all these covers.
Fantastic tape!

The photo on the insert is of Le chapeau de Napoléon just outside of Tafraout. I think there's been a music festival (Tifawine Festival) held in Tafraout in July or August for the past few years so maybe the music was recorded there?
Love the tapes, really appreciate the effort you put into your blog! Keep the posts coming :)
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