Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Alhaja Queen Salawa Abeni and her Waka Moderniser—India Waka

Side 1
Mo Ti Goke
Thank You
India Waka
Mo De Inu Ile Ola
Ayinla Lo Ni Fuji Abeni Loni Waka
Abeni De Olo Un Orin

Side 2
Eru Mba Mi
Chief Popoola Olaofe
Mo Jawe Oriji
Kiniun Ti De Oko
Abeni Ti De Lady Waka Queen
Orin Wa Dun Un Jo

On this Thanksgiving 2011 we give thanks for the female practitioners of Nigerian fuji music. We at ATFA wish you a happy holiday and offer this 1984 recording as the extra gravy for your turkey/tofurkey.

For more info on Alhaja Queen Salawa Abeni's catalog check here.

Extra credit can't hurt.

Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ sets coming up in early December:

02.12. DE Berlin / Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Ghana Hiplife @ Worldtronics)
03.12. CH Genève / Festival Face G
07.12. IT Perugia / Loop Café
08.12. IT Roma / Vangelo @ Animal Social Club
09.12. IT Pescara / Maze

finally in Rome!
welcome, the staff of TP Africa awaits you.
but exactly where is the place where you sound?
Awesome blog, awesome music!

When are you next Djing in London?
Hi there,

How can I listen songs and album that you review?

I clicked in links but libsys is not available for me or player is does not work.
this album is fantastic. come to london soon
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