Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ephrem Tamru

Side A
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5

Side B
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11

What a beautiful tape from Ethiopia, which is having a morphine-like effect on my body. It's that soothing. I am gonna go take a nap now. I don't have anything to say, just listen to this and feel good today. Talk to you later. Love, Brian.

:) Sweet! Thanks for posting.
Lord knows I need some pain relief... sounds so very tempting... thanks very much!
killin me softly
It bothers me a lot not have data on what I'm listening.
This fantastic cassette has made me change my mind.
Thanks a lot
the instrumentals on track one sound like a track on ariel pink's new album
Wonderful. That's it, I'm going to Ethiopia.
That instrumental on track 6 is a total jam.
Hi Brian, thanks for posting this beautiful cassette. For your information, the artist is Ephrem Tamiru and this album was released in the mid 70s.
oh.. sorry I must be blind, i see that you've already posted his Ephrem Tamiru's name. sorry::)
thanks for your great blog by the way.
kind regards, jacob
haha thanks jacob! appreciate it anyway. are you the jacob i met last summer in copenhagen?
Thanks for everything you do Brian.
I'm putting together an '80's electro comp and was hoping to have something from the continent. Any chance of hearing that Seck, Dianka, Dandi Diarra , Sounké Vol. 1 cassette? I really enjoyed that Professor Jay Machozi Jasho Na Damu cassette. It would be ideal to have something with one of those cheesy organ rhythm boxes. Maybe you could recommend something else.
great to finally have a chance to meet you tonight. and thanks for wonderful music, you're the true DJ: NOT playing the music that we all know! you made them all dance! by the way, i saw you played at sound forrest in riga, i played there too, it's a fantastic festival, viestarts & zane are lovely people. happy travels & hope to see u when you're in berlin again :) jk
this is... whoa.

thank you.
this is incredibly beautiful. thank you so much.

Thank you Mr Tamiru also if you happen to read this
this is incredibly beautiful, thank you Jason.

Also thank you Mr Tamiru
Esto es un hallazgo,...voy a repasar tus listas y albums que has dejado,..gracias
thanks!! what is the name of the album? and it is tamiru
I was driving and playing with my radio when I stumbled on your interview with BBC World Service tonight, just in time when you played Ephrem Tamiru’s tape. That brief intro to his music took me back to the late 70s, to the many Sunday mornings when my mom used to blast Ney Ney, and sing along while working in her beloved garden, and me and my brother would sing along with her. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was such an emotional and nostalgic feeling, the kind that makes you wish you could vanish in time and never leave those joyous moments of your life. For a moment, I felt the sun of my face, heard my mom’s sweet laughter, and the beautiful smell of our garden – I am home. Thank you again and again!

BTW, Here are the titles to the tracks:
Side A
1. Fiker Ende Gena
2. Anchi Nesh Gelaye
3. Konjit
4. Atemechilegnem Wey
5. Ye Fiker Meketa

Side B
1. Ney Ney
2. Shegiye
3. Anchi Lej
4. Ye’ne Alem
5. Etewoun
The last post listed 10 songs, when there are 11 on the disc. Also, I've spent the last hour listening and synching titles with songs, and they are not in order, at least the order of the download.
Not that it matters too much, but it's because I LOVE this album, sublime, but the musicians are in the pocket and the quality of music is top notch. Thanks!

Damien Masterson
This Ephrem Tamru album is so beautiful and soothing. I can't stop listening to it. Must stop though, don't want to wear it out. Any chance this will be released on LP/CD/cassette?
Dear Mr Brian
Thank you for your invaluable contribution in disseminating otherwise probably unheard music to
many western ears into the world.

Man this album is the shizznit!

thank you
Fantastic tape! But where did track no. 6 go?

Damienzm: Could you post an updated song title/track list, based on the titles on the files here?
I just found out interesting informations about Ephrem Tamiru on:

Thanks very much for this find!

Edmund, Austria-Europe
Amen !
Thank you so very very much !!

can you perhaps fix the link to track6?
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Thanks a lot. This is one of my favorite album from Ephrem Tamiru.
Pleasssssssss post another 70's album from him.
yeah, i love him too! i will try to post some more soon.
Hello Brian,

How can I buy this tape? Can I download the MP3
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