Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Prince Khonjo—Binadamu Hatosheki

Side 1
Mchezo Wa Zaire

Side 2
Mambo Poa

File under: bizarre/mind-blowing. This simple dance of drum machine and determined vocals generates something particularly ill. 1999 cusp-of-bongo flava jams recorded near the Kenyan coast. Thanks to Gearz Kuria of Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution for this.

This Saturday, August 20, Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ set at 70 North 6th St in Brooklyn, part of the inaugural TRADITION party featuring Brenmar, Ford & Lopatin, Rezound (of my super homies Group Tightener) and surprise others.

Awesome Tapes From Africa returns to Europe briefly as well:

25.08. BE Brussels Feerien
26.08. + 27.08. CH Zürich Theaterspektakel
28.08. ES Madrid La Casa Encendida

Z-share! Why? Why?
Never worked for me, i'm missing out on the last couple of posts...

Sorry for the complaint. I haven't got the slightest bit of critique about the sheer quality on this blog. But it's only fair to let you know, i guess (both ways that is).

But anyway, thank you!
Waow, killer tape, thank you !
is it possible to post 1 track from each tape as a sample?

it's nice downloading one file, but so is having a preview :)

also i'd recommend mediafire over z-share.

thanks for this tape, and all the others!
I've never heard anything like this. Very nice post!
Man, it's really hard pleasing everyone! I started posting these as zipped files after numerous requests/complaints. Guess I am going to have to post individual track previews AND zipped rars. OK DUDES.
PS--I started using zshare after people bitched about mediafire. Honestly, I don't really see much of a difference. A few pop-ups and ads really should not prevent you from being able to download a single file.
Hi Brian,

I really appreciate your sharing all of this wonderful music. The problem I've been having with z-share (just so this doesn't seem like random bitching) is that the zip files always come down corrupted.
I am having trouble with corrupted zip files from zshare as well. I'm not mad about it; I'm still extremely grateful that this music is getting out there.

Maybe try It uploads to 6 different sites for you so that should keep everyone pleased.

Thanks again for all these great tapes!
seconded. millions of thanks for uploading such great material, and no criticism intended at all, but I'm keen to hear this and have now downloaded a folder that's turned out corrupted 3 times. Mediafire - so much more reliable, or so I've found...
ok i changed the link to mediafire. i am gonna fix this system soon, no worries.
Thanks so much for rehosting this! What an insane tape.
Really amazed with this page!
You really share awesome tapes from africa!!
Unglaublich gut. Will gar nicht glauben, dass das von 1999 ist.
best AK
Muchas Gracias!!
This is amazing!!!!
How could I get my hands on one of these tapes?
Thank you so much!

How could I get my hands on one of these tapes?
this tape slays me, especially 'mtaliani' holy sacred salami
awesome tape!
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