Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Arwiha and Ouled Sherif

Side 1
A'yiti Ma Tkhebbi
Ezzine El-Fassi

Side 2
Waili Lalla
Iyak A Sid

Although I don't know the artist/title associated with this tape—"Sawt El Jamal" is printed on the cassette label—I would classify this tape as "interesting slash pretty fucking amazing." If anyone can translate the info on the cover for us you'd be doing a good deed. Meantime I am still will be chilling in the AC to these wind-swept sounds.

Awesome Tapes From Africa was included in New York Magazine's recent article on analog-obsessed nerds.

Thanks to Tim Abdellah for the artist/track title transliteration from the Arabic.

Thanks for another great one! This sounds like some Aita from somewhere around Khouribga. Here's what I get from the sleeve:

Artist: Arwiha and Ouled Sherif

A'yiti Ma Tkhebbi
Ezzine El-Fassi
Waili Lalla
Iyak A Sidi
do you have any paul ngozi tapes?
Congrats on the shoutout in New York mag...

Looks to me like "Sawt al Jamal" is the name of the production label, not the artist or album. I say so because that's what's written in the logo at the top.

Tim Abdellah's translation of the artist and track names above looks pretty good to me. I might transliterate the artist name as "Arwiha wa awlad cherif" ... not that that one is going to be much easier to find any background info on.
loved your site since heather browne introduced me to it but i can't use this new download thingy.i don't have a cell.and i don't like BLOODY SPAM!sorry.
ugh, zshare is such a bitch to download from. they will end a d/load whenever they wish. i tried at least 7 times to get side 2. could you - or any kind soul, for that matter - upload it someplace else, please?
ok i changed all the recent links to mediafire, hope that's a little easier. i am going through a hosting transition, so sorry for the trouble.
imho the choice of Mediafire makes PERFECT sense for your blog since they allow multiple parallel downloads. too bad i won't be able to make it to Katowice to thank you in person, so i am thanking you hereby, sir.
Hot stuff. THANKS.
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