Monday, July 18, 2011


Francis Bebey—Awkwaaba

Side 1
Binta Madiallo
Ngoma Likembe

Side 2
Tumu Pakara
Di Sengi

My buddy Shawn let me know about Francis Bebey a whiiile back but I didn't find a tape until recently. This deep and minimal orgy of sanza (a type of thumb-piano) is alternately back-beat almost-dancey and ketamine heady. I posted the link in one zipped file above, you're gonna want the whole thing.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ sets at Central Park SummerStage on Sunday, July 31 (FREE) followed by a show with Brooklyn homeboys The Sway Machinery on Tuesday, August 2 at 92Y Tribeca.

Also, I will be lugging my tapes around Europe in August, sharing sounds from island to village to city to harbour:

05.08 DK Sejerø Festival
07.08 PL Katowice Off Festival
08.08 UK London Cafe Oto
11.08 CH Geneva Ecoutes au Vert
12.08 NL Venlo Zomerparkfeest
13.08 DE Hamburg MS Dockville

BTW--ATFA is no longer fronting on Facebook. Show some like.

Original Music was a great label. It was John Storm Roberts' label. Street Music of Java is one of my faves on Original Music.
A true classic. Can't say enough good things about it.

It is available here as well

And lots more over here.
This is an absolutely amazing album! thank you!
What Kurt said - nearly every Original Music release is chock full of amazing and inspiring sounds.

Thanks for posting this!
I NEED this album, is there any way I can get it without spending sixty dollars on Amazon? I don't think I can live without this record.
Am I missing the link somewhere? Or was it taken down?
I took it down after a while.
Is there any chance of you reposting the links for this album? I need it in my life desperately!!! Also, I'm trying to start a dj/music night of known and unknown African musics in my hometown. Would love to have this as an addition to my catalogue.
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