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This is something wonderful I didn't know about. Douada Filany Sangare is joined by Toumani Diabate, Ramata Diakite, and a chorus of ninja-like instrumentalists brandishing ngoni, kamale-ngoni, balafon, flute and djembe. Full ensemble Mande music from Mali with a Fulani feel.

Buy this record on iTunes.

When do you got it?

It's Daouda Flani Sangaré, who died in January, 2008.
He's been on of the pioneers of the kamelan n'goni music of Mali, later known as the Wassoulou sound.

Daouda Sangare was lead singer of the Super Djata Band de Bamako, too.

I don't know how they made it to Filany....
Are you sure that all these musicians are on the album, it seems to me a recording made during a Jam as those in the CCF of Bamako.

The balafon is Kélétigui Diabaté, the bass guitar has the Manjul style and the Kamalengoni solos from Vieux Kanté and choirs in Yiri-Bine seems Ramata Diakité, some Ngoni games seem from Bassekou Kouyate even could be Cheick Tidiane Seck keyboardist, but I do not hear Toumani Diabaté.

I think that all the songs that interprets Flani (Daouda Sangare) are well known, at least I think so.

Finally an album quite entertaining, much more interesting than suggested by the cover art.

We will continue listening it ....
I love this blog - so much good stuff!! Good to see the iTunes link too. Note you can get this one on Amazon too - and cheaper, though it's cooler to buy for more at iTunes...


BTW side A appears to be corrupt?

@ngoni: yeah i was surprised by the artists listed on the inside of the cassette cover, it could very well be another toumani diabate? thanks!
Thanks so much for switching over to MediaFire. zShare wasn't working for me at all. Thanks again, too, for keepin' on uploading, uploading, uploading.
For those who have Spotify, you can listen to it here :
Just found your blog.... cassettes and African music?... superb! Thanks so very much!
Amazing. Thanks for posting this masterpiece!
WOW! First time on this blog, already got stuck on this one.

Any idea from which year this might be?

Any chance to get a non-corrupted version?
Amazing. Thanks for posting this masterpiece!
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