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After more than five years of doing Awesome Tapes From Africa and DJing these cassettes all over it feels like a natural progression to find a way to bring these artists further recognition and perhaps a bit of money in the long run. So beginning in October, Awesome Tapes From Africa will be making available for sale some of the wonderful and obscure recordings that have been so fun to share over the years. In collaboration with the artists, who will receive 50% of all proceeds after expenses, you will soon find at your local music shop vinyl LPs, CDs and mp3s of select sublime albums, the kind which have made doing this blog so easy.

The first release is by Mali's Nâ Hawa Doumbia, a recording the singer made in 1982, La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3. It comes out October 18 and will be distributed by SC Distribution. More info soon. Feel free to join the mailing list (at left) if you'd like occasional electronic whispers in your digital ear.

Great news! Looking forward to the Nâ Hawa Doumbia and others to come :)
Good idea!

Nâ Hawa Doumbia, that's a good start for sure - she's my favourite diva from Mali. Listening Sakori Mery from that album, right now.

I'd prefer to get vinyl on selected albums like that one...

I will support you
"Awesome Compact Discs from Africa" doesn't have the same ring, but I'll support this project!
Wow, huge respect. These artists certainly deserve whatever we can provide. Will it be possible to purchase these reissues online?
okay...hope you won't quit uploading these great cassettes.
May I suggest avoiding using the word "sublime" in an announcement concerning the reissuing of music on tape found in distant lands. :). Just kidding though, in all seriousness, however, does this mean that you will be pressing these releases from original masters?
Thank you everyone! This particular release we could not get the master but in most cases the releases will be pressed original tapes.
Awesome news, it will be great to help get these artists some $. I will definitely support.
I would totally buy this stuff. I hope you give some preview clips, because I don't know Nâ Hawa Doumbia from Willie Nelson. Although, Mali, 1982, how can you can wrong?
brilliant. i would easily subscribe to your releases if they were to be released on vinyl. annual payment for a year of atfa bliss.
awesome superb choice! Love this album, i believe on this #3 they found best minimal sound combined with her chillin' vox.
have 2 tracks in this daily

succes brian with future biss
Congratulations for this and all your job. this announcement has been report on French magazine Kiblnd's site.
I wish you success in this great project :)
Great initiative! Count me in and all the best!
excellent idea...and good luck, James
The record Shop called GALETTE based in Marseille (you played there Brian) will be happy to sell this too...

Best regards


(i may have tapes for ya if you come by)
just seein this in the streets now. congrats bruva
I have just bought it in a place of downloads and I am impressed.
My most sincere congratulations for choosing Na Hawa, for the fantastic quality of the sound and for your fabulous work in this blog.
I hope that you publish : volume 4, 5, 6 ...
We would really love to cover this release for our site, please contact us if this can be arranged.
wow amazing site. congratulalations and thanks!

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