Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Professor Jay Machozi—Jasho Na Damu

Side A
Ndio Mzee
Jay Jr. Interlude
Jina Langu
Bongo Dar Interlude
Bongo Dar es Salaam
Yataka Moyo

Side B
Machozi Jasho na Damu
Piga Makofi
Salamu Bibi na Babu
Tathimini Interlude
Na Bado

Man, I love Tanzanian bongo flava genius Professor Jay. This tape from 2001—his first album—is so good it makes the one I previously posted seem almost dull now. This must be the most awesome African hip-hop I've heard since Baloji tore the roof off Joe's Pub that one time. Thanks to Peter in Berlin for this.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ set this Friday at Zebulon in Williamsburg with DJ Brad Loving, 10-4, FREE.

nasty jamz!
thanks for this one.
i jumped back from my computer screen a bit when I saw the cover...
this one puts J.O.S.E.P.H. to shame!
Just what I wanted to hear right now. Thanks for sharing this.
BTW the title of this album "Machozi, Jasho na Damu" means "tears, sweat and blood" ...

and "piga makofi" means clap your hands...;-)

So, piga makofi for brian for that awesome tapes
hello guys, I wanna know its sounds. Is this can be sold international?
i would love to download this but i'm too lazy to individually right click, save as, blah blah blah...

Blown Away!
A few gems on this one.
Awesome indeed.
Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab
I agree with anonymous above, although he said it in kind of a dickish way. A zip or rar file on mediafire for the tapes would be nice.
Yes, i will eventually post rar zips of these tapes but in the meantime thanks for your patience...for those who are "too lazy," fuck off and find these tapes elsewhere, don't complain about getting free rare music.
Ndio Mzee!
Used to hear this tune all the time in a bar in Moshi, Tanzania where we went to play pool.
I'm definitely not too lazy to download this. Thanks very much man.
I'm looking fwd to checking this guy out. I haven't heard much African Hip Hop but I'm always on the look out. I was really impressed with Baloji who I only heard of this year and I also recently bought SMOD's album. Pretty good, the Malian trios album is produced by Manu Chao and has his trademark style. Thanks for this.
This is absolutely awesome, fresh as a carrot. This blog is essential. Thank you very much from Spain.
This is great - thanks a lot!
This is unbelievable. Thank you very much!!
I have been looking for this album for years...Its so rare even here in Nairobi..A classic east African Hip Hop album and as it the case CLASSICS NEVER DIE...Thanx a lot
Late, but i stumbled in here accidentally while desperately searching for home music. Asante, asante asaaaante! Rare germ!
i spend the whole day trying to find the two other tapes.. anyone?!!.. plz..
does anyone have the two others?!! .. i'm serching since ages!
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