Saturday, May 21, 2011


Abass Akande Obesere—Introduction

Side A
Omoge Mushin
Fuji Ameme
Ijo Obesere

Side B
Iba Agba
Fun Wa Lo Owo
Oyinbo Danfo
Ikilo Mama

Original African Fuji Michael Jackson indeed. Aggressive and pumping Fuji music from Nigeria via an excellent grocery store on Flatbush Ave.

thanks for thinking of those of us who prefer the percussion albums! i'm enjoying listening to this, right at this moment, in fact.

reminds me of early Adewale Ayuba, prolly similar vintage:

(The later Ayuba is total shit, what with the saxophones & stuff.)

Anyway, although I generally prefer the oooold Barrister Fuji's from the 1970's, I'm having great fun with this super-energy and happiness tape!

I actually started with Fela, and then gradually located some of the 1990's-vintage barrister Fuji, and then made my way into Haruna Ishola. I found that the singing was so much more compelling, because he had that beautiful chorus behind him... And then, most recently, into Yusuf Olatunji, since its so raw & with the same great percussion but even more of the ethereal, non-tempered-scale singing....

i left a comment saying that if you liked this, you'll like classic Ayuba, also. I think I linked to his first tape, "Bubble," but actually his second tape "Buggle D" is my personal favorite. I just about wore it out, back in the day. I'm sure a copy is out there, somewhere. Beautiful "melody," as Nigerians would describe the difference in drumming between a cassette for their local market vs. a crossover attempt. Ayuba reminds me a lot of the guy you posted, who also has a super happy and "UP" kinda vibe...
This album looks awesome. Is it from back in the day, or does it just have that throwback vibe to it?
Ah man you brought back great Nigeria memories. I love Obesere.
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