Thursday, April 07, 2011


Ninie—Tsara Olo Be

Face A
Tsara Olo Be
Maro Lehilahy
Samy Mizaha Ny Tiany
Akory Ataoko Anao
[Efa Janga not included in this tape??]

Face B
Mandiniha Hely
Allo Allo
Ataonao Adala Zaho

If you like fast-paced dance jams from Madagascar, have a look-see here. Track 4 is rough though, proceed with caution there.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ sets coming up:

22.04. NL Den Haag Paard van Troje (+ MI AMI)
23.04. NL Amsterdam OCCII (+ MI AMI)
24.04. DE Köln Genau (+ MI AMI)
25.04. DE Trier Exhaus (+ MI AMI)
26.04. DE Leipzig Conne Island (+ MI AMI)
27.04. DE Berlin King Size (+ 20JazzFunkGreats + MI AMI)
30.04. AT Krems Donaufestival

Sir - this is wonderful. More please! Apurva from Pune, India.
hi brian,

i'm watching your fabulous blog from the beginning. thank you so much for all the music!
i can't await your gig at Donaufestival/Krems/Austria.
cu there.

greetings from Vienna/Austria

i know this may sound like s tupid question but how do you permalink songs into your blog? what url do you put for it to go straight to Windows Media Player?
im setting up a music/writing blog so id love to know.
thanks a lot :)
I think you messed up with the tagging here. The first track contains the first two songs and thus the rest of track titles on the same side are displaced. What titles as "Akory Ataoko Anao", for example, is actually "Efa Janga". You can tell it by the song titles that appear in the lyrics.
The tagging is messed up. The fist track contains the first two songs and each subsequent song on the same side has the title of the following song. What titled as "Akory Ataoko Anao",for example, is actually "Efa Janga". You can tell by the song titles that appear in the lyrics.
pictures from Donaufestival/Krems/Austria.

PS: do you remember the last song you played in that show? it was so beautiful. maybe you can post the song or even better the full cassette?

thank you
thanks for the photos!
i believe the final song I played at Donu was from the Ata Kak tape which you can find on this and other blogs.
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