Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Penny Penny—Yogo Yogo

Side 1
Ibola Aids
Kulani Kulani!!

Side 2
Hai Kamina
Yogo Yogo (Fooling)
Ti Samboko
Ama Owners
Kulani Kulani!! (Remix)

Got my hands on another Penny Penny tape. This shit is pretty much game over as far as South African dance-pop from the '90s goes.

Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ set tomorrow (2/17) at the Akron/Family (and Delicate Steve) show at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg.

every day you post something, it's like a golden rain drop splats on my forehead and explodes into a cornucopia of rainbows and unicorn horns emanating from my cranium.

believing (posting)!

Thanks you for this! Shaka Bundu has been jamming all over my life since you dropped it and now it is DOUBLE TROUBLE PENNY PENNY PENNY PENNY TIME

Thank you sir.
come DJ for the Akron/Family + Delicate Steve concert in Minneapolis next week!
this tape is wild.
Wonderful music, many thanks for sharing. Apurva from Pune, India.
Whooeehh that is seriously catchy.
thanks a million.
Stopped listening to Bob Dylan since you posted the last Penny Penny-tape. Wonder who's gonna get replaced this time.
Big BiG uP for this place.
Internet could be the worst and the best at the same time.
This place ah' the best.
Bless yA!

Bless Eternaly Burkina Faso, pays des hommes intègres!!

This is sweet!! Also did you know that this blog is mentioned in the new issue of ArtForum in an article on cassettes?
awesome, first time listening to Penny Penny, good stuff!
thank you
great - more from penny penny! can't stop listening to this stuff
He seems to be so famous in South Africa but it's hard to find information about him. He had some kind of comeback album 2009 ("The King vs. the General" - with him being the King) I'd really like to find this somewhere...
the summer's coming. post more South African dance pop loveliness!
big UPS, Brian!
Penny Penny is back in the studio, he is my home boy, he is my ward councillor and he is my future president. his album is expected to be out very soon.
that's great news! can you connect me with him? i would lie to ask about reissuing his records outside SA.
Thank you, Brian, for making this available! Great 1990s sound indeed.

Does anybody have any info on Penny Penny more generally? Was he (ever) politically engaged with his music? I heard about a song he made called "Apartheid". Does anybody know when it was released? And what became of Penny Penny?
Thanks everyone!
can't speak about his political engagement but i can say he has since become a regional politician for the ANC in his home area, so he must have some interest!
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