Saturday, January 29, 2011


Chikaha Rahma

Side 1
Rirsakr Fi Simana
Nagda Emaak
Esaka Malietouiali

Side 2
Yamarani Emrida
Ana Ehbibi Nabrih

Algerian music a kind person sent me recently. Great Saturday morning atmosphere. Thinking of politics in North Africa this week.

FYI Baltimore: I will be DJing Awesome Tapes from Africa on Saturday, February 5 at a party with a bunch of rad artwork and other DJs and stuff, at a place called STR8 CAVIN (B302 COPYCAT). Last time I went to Baltimore was for a hardcore show in like 2003. This is going to be awesome.

PS: In what feels like a major step, I joined Facebook this week. Just noticed someone made a Facebook page for this blog.

phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's so beautiful!
WOW! I did not expect sounds like this when I saw the cover. Raw and powerful singing with beautiful instrumentation. Any idea if this is a traditional Algerian music?
great stuff man... pls post more stuff from city boys/adofo.
this sounds great!
Brilliant Blog, Thank you and Keep Up the Great Work!
con cara A o side A y cara B o side B, como antes, gracias. que tiempos.
Yep same here - cover made me think this was going to be subdued/stuffy, but the first track just made my saturday morning breakfast! Great stuff :)
Sounds more pop then traditional to me? Its actually the second track i've been loving. Real nice.
She is a good singer.
Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab
fantastic...thanks a lot.
great. I love your blog. Awesome :)
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