Monday, December 27, 2010


Fadimoutou Wallet—Inamoud

Side 1

Side 2

Hypnotic, minimalist (and hard to find) Tuareg music from Kidal, Mali. This is the perfect stark accompaniment to NY's howling blizzard of the last couple days.

Thanks to Chris (Sahel Sounds) for this!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sirina Issah—Cheer The Stars

Side A
Cheer The Stars
Previous Love
Jam It
Just To Watch

Side B
Jam It
Just To Watch

What begins as a tribute to Ghana's youth soccer World Cup success is ultimately a 90s outsider dance-pop masterpiece from the north of the country. The minimalist lo-fi amateur dance madness of it all brings this obscure footnote in Ghanaian pop history on par with a certain Ata Kak recording.

Cheer The Stars contains the first recorded examples of rap from Northern Ghana, albeit mostly in English. Big Adams is like 12 years old on this shit, now he's recognized as Tamale's rap forefather. The English lyrics give us the chance to experience the earnest, nationalistic and charmingly juvenile glory of it all. (For those keeping score, the rest of the songs are in Dagbani, I believe). Produced by unsung Tamale music genius Blessed Gregory. Despite all this fascinating context, some of you will despise this tape.

Ed. note—Anyone remember the tv show Kids Incorporated?

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