Saturday, July 31, 2010


Diakari Dia Diakite dit Dia—Sadjona

Side A
Noumou Foly

Side B
Thié Foly
Soma Tjayala
Soma Foly

Another gifted vocalist/n'goni ninja piques my interest. Please go ahead and add him to the burgeoning list recently fortified by new releases from Yaala Yaala/Drag City. Hunters' music from south of Bamako is apparently all the rage in 2010 and I am not mad.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Bongo Flava 3

Side A
Cheka Kidogo—Dudubaya
Latifa—N.B. Dog ft. Madee
Sumu ya Teja—Vital Maende
Baridi Kama Hii—Enika
Itakuwa Ngumu—Vivan
Tulia—Jack Maria

Side B
Mapenzi Gani—Banana
Siku ya Leo—Bushoke
Milionea—O.B. Bryant
Leila Wakole Hexagone
Niko Simple—Dogo N Viny
Kama Yule—Q Chief

Who's up for a Tanzanian bongo flava compilation? It's nothing to write home about but in this epic heatwave I'm finding it hard to dig deep in the cassette boxes.

I am djing tonight at the Konono no. 1 show at Le Poisson Rouge.

Also, this Thursday, July 22 is Twin Shadow, Awesome Tapes from Africa, Hooray for Earth and Mammal Paradise at Cake Shop.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Omar El Knitri avec Saïd Dade

Side 1
Sidi Ya Hah
Dekkat 55
Sidi Abderrahman

Side 2
Fatma Fatma
Abdellah Ya Soussi
Fatima Hanan
Marhba Ya Lalla

I got this excellent frentic freakout of a tape in Paris. I can't find any infos on this rai guy who is from Morocco or Algeria (I can't recall). While googling I came across these great music videos by a guy with a similar name.

Next Awesome Tapes from Africa DJ set is with Konono no. 1, Javelin, Just Wills and Prof DJ Rainstick at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC on July 18.

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