Saturday, November 20, 2010


Professor Jay—J.O.S.E.P.H.

Face A
Vuta Raha
Border Kwa Border
Heka Heka Za Star

Face B
Wapi Nimekosea
Hakuna Noma

I've really been feeling rap from Tanzania lately.

BTW: New mix and probably the best interview questions I've been asked at Red Bull Academy Radio

THis website does not work on my computer anymore and all of a sudden. I am really upset.
I really like Nimeamini.
Keep feeling the rap! This stuff's been great. Old Skool yet exotic. Terrific.
And some Professor Jay too! Awesome (though I've got this on CD).
The title (J.O.S.E.P.H) translates to
Learn, See, Say, Teach, Excel, Motivate!
The song titles translate as

How Can I Help You?
Trust Me.
It's Enough.
Idiomatic, not sure. Create Happiness?
Border by Border.
? Slang. I'd love to know what it means.

See title above.
Forgive Me.
Where Did I Go Wrong?
You Have...
No Chaos Here.
Oh yeah, you can find a video for Nikusaidiaje on youtube.
Nikusaidiaje ... ...
this is my firstime visit in your blog and i like it
Yo Brian, welcome to Helsinki! We finally published the full english version of the interview we did with you at Flow. I hope we got everything written down right, we tried our best. Thanks!
I need help to find this song Africa Show - “Massanga Mama” thanks in advance
hey missed you in berlin last month... meant to come by but didn't make it ... next time! (and hopefully next time we can spin together like Planet Rock wanted us to :)

and thanks for the recent ethiopia goodness!
man, its been a while!!! still checking very day b/c when you drop a good one it is HOT, for sure.... well, hoping it'll be a on the lines of a Zakari/Zakori or Allan Family or something like that.... Happy Holidays!!!

Speaking of Zakari, I finally finished making a test of slowing-down the songs. I got inspired by a Robert Johnson post over at Global Groovers, and started experimenting with Seidi Alama. Less 9% seemed perfect, so I just applied that to all songs, without any individual fiddling. Hope at least one person downloads it AND enjoys it... Abin Dunia was always my favorite tape, and now it sounds like a whole new tape that I've never even heard before! Thank you, Mr. Awesome Tapes Dude for posting it in the first place. I remember you said you were cool with the idea of my experiment. Its not to take anything away from you, b.c without you I wouldn't even have been having so much fun with it!
any old barrister out there? i mean OLD, as in pre-1975? those really volcanic percussion & wailing vocals ones? looong before his recent "quiet storm" w/ saxophones period?
Nikusaidiaje also features Ferooz by the way.
Professor Jay got some ill music! I have a good feeling that one day a hiphop superstar will emerge from the Motherland!
his stuff's been great.I really like Nimeamini.
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