Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Aster Aweke

Side A
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4

Side B
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8

Oh man. Good luck not falling in love. Shame the cassette is distorted a bit but I could never stay mad at this tape.

thanks a lot
Oh wow! Couldn't help it. I think this tickles a part of my brain, an unconscious whickering. Thank You So Much For This. I will now regurlay check this blog out.
This is a good one. Thanks!
yoooo.. this is so so nice! you always got the goods! thanks.
Thank you so much! I love your blog and really appreciate all the new music you've been able to share with us! Please keep doing what you're doing :)
Truly wonderful ! Any idea when this was recorded ?
this is so so good
sorry, not sure when this was recorded. but it's so dope! thanks for the comments.
thanks a lot for this wonderful recording...
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Dude. Thanks so much for putting this one up Aweke has such an amazing voice and it is great to hear her in such a stripped down configuration. I think she might be living in LA now? She used to kick it around DC for a bit back int he day.....
Thank You!!!

Sounds terrific!!

FYI, I followed up with an expert on Ethiopian music and this was Aster's very first recording. Full response:
"It was released by the famous Tango Music Shop which still exists in A. Ababa. On the album cover you also see Kaifa Records which reminds us of the local record companies established around the end of the 1960 and beginning of the 1970. These tracks of Aster are completely different than her contemporary songs, the arrangements and her style of singing. I think it was even after this album when Aster gradually started to show her individual and very distinct musical and vocal talents changing her style."
Where did you find this? I actually saw a copy of this a couple of days ago in Addis Ababa though didn't buy it. As Phil Briggs says the Tango music shop is still there in Addis selling great Ethiopian tunes...
this one is a gem! really wish there were a lot more early aster aweke recordings around
So good. I've been playing this in class while my students are working independently. Needless to say, things have been chiiiilllllllll.
wonderful! really love this one
Sweet stuff. I wonder what the drum is.
I have a perfect copy of this tape to share - hit me up - its Caramilla
I know most os Aster songs but nevre heard these songs. tnks dude for posting this lovely song!
Hi Brian, I've just become aware of your blog via a feature in the Observer, here in the UK. Thank you, it is a terrific blog and I look forward to exploring it in more depth - I have already spent a very happy half hour browsing.
Aster Aweke is a most amazing singer - maybe you will already know of it, but in case you do not, Philippe Decouffle, the French choreographer, created an exquisite dance piece for one of her songs - check it out here:
Best wishes from London,
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