Sunday, September 27, 2009


City Boys Band Led By Obuoba J.A. Adofo—Nya Asem Hwe

Side 1
Nya Asem Hye
Nko Nngya M'Akyir
Osu A Meresu
Ofie Nipa See Wo A

Side 2
Ankwanoma Dede
Baabi Dehyee
Nko Besie

Many readers will recognize J.A. Adofo and his City Boys Band from previous posts. Some readers will likely find this post the best of the bunch. Few readers will deny this legend of Ghanaian highlife's impressive versatility. All readers ought to check out tracks 3 and 7.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Side A
Onye Bu Nwa Nnem
Eriwe Agwuaguwu
Onwere Aka Naku/Ogene Gbogbo/Hausa Achighkwa Igbo Achiwa

Side B
Okanga Utoba
Onwu Ama Onye Ukwu
K'Ayi Naba

I got this in a shop in Lefferts Gardens filled floor to ceiling with Nigerian films and African soap. It was buried in a rack of gospel tapes.

Maybe I'm daft but I couldn't have guessed by looking at it that this Ogene tape would turn out to be very, very good music (hint: bell patterns repeating toward infinity).

Saturday, September 12, 2009



Side A
Mao (2X2)—Amayenge
Itumba—Alfred Chisala Kalusha
Impanga Ya Mambwe—Kalambo Hit Parade

Side B
By Air—Labani Kalunga & Fikshala Band
Nyina Kataila Pts 1&2—Kalambo Hit Parade
Tai Yaka—Ilizya
Icupo Cha Kulala Pa Mpapa—Shalawambe

I've been saving this near-perfect compilation of uptempo guitar pop from Zambia for a rainy day. Tracks 3, 4, 6, 7...well, pretty much all are sublime. Note: my copy of the cassette is missing the final track.

The excellent Matsuli blog has posted this recording before. And it's apparently available at Amazon.

PS: I'll be DJing Awesome Tapes from Africa on Saturday, Sept 19 at Zebulon in Brooklyn with a bunch of cool people and performers TBA.

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