Sunday, July 26, 2009


Onipa Nua—I Feel Alright

Side A
I Feel Alright
Auntie Rosina
Gormccna Gudu

Side B
Anuanum Adofo
Zuda Gabati
Auntie Rosina (instrumental)

Left field awesomeness from a former-street-performer-turned-singer/songwriter in Ghana who passed away shortly after being discovered. Bombastic rock and gentle folk melodies.

Check out XLR8R's array of podcasts, I recently did an Awesome Tapes from Africa mix for them, which can be downloaded here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ebaahi Soundz—Oshitℇ

Side A
GbomↃ Ehii
Afi Eshℇ

Side B
Yℇn Kai Debi

These are my JAMZ. Thanks to Annabel for bringing this classic Ghanaian music to us, direct from her musical studies with Ga people of Accra. Unfortunately there are not many bands still active in this realm of vintage highlife today. Look out for the mother of all Ga culture troupes Wulomei in a forthcoming post.

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