Friday, December 25, 2009


Ragheb Alame—Albi Eshekha

Side 1

Side 2

Seasons greetings from all of us at Awesome Tapes from Africa.

This tape, some forthcoming tapes and this recent Jil Jilala post were kindly provided by Tom, who found them in Morocco. Ragheb Alame is a giant star from Lebanon, which is not in Africa. I'm feeling festive.



- Diarrhea Planet

- Casey
wow!!! you haven't been this prolific in quite a while... this is a very nice Xmas present from my favorite blog...

I can almost see the echt-Bollywood dancing as I listen to this terrific music.
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The Ragheb Alama tape was given to me by my dance teacher, so yeah, not African, but part of the stash of bellydance tapes we sent you - as opposed to the Moroccan stash. Looking forward to hearing it - I had it for years without being able to listen to it! Thanks so much for posting all these things!
There's some cellphone interference noise around 7:10 in your Side 1 recording!

I'm loving every minute of these tapes.
Fantastic - north African diaspora if not African :-))

Great music, I'm amazed this guy is so unfamiliar... Thanks for a great tape!!
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