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What's the name of this band/album?...

Side 1

Side 2

...I have no idea but this tape from Guelmim, a town in southern Morocco, is INSANE. commanding vocal repetitions, lyrical guitar space-outs and infinite hand-clapping vs. spectacular use of auto-tune vocals and mod wheel synth embellishments. If all music sounded like this (and everyone listened to this tape exclusively each day) there would be no reason to blog, no war, no corruption, we'd all just be chilling blissed-out lying on pillows in sunny living rooms for eternity. This is beautifully smart and modern music.

Chris, who is traveling in the region right now, sent this to me explaining it's Hassaniya (the Arabic dialect spoken in most of Mauritania, Western Sahara and elsewhere) music. I'd be curious to know more about these artists and this cassette if anyone has additional info...

Thank you so much.
I will be eager to find out more if someone knows anything.
The name of the brand is :
"Amnat Azawan"
The name of the group has a berber consonance but the songs are in Hassaniya arabic.
here the name of the group and more.
If you like this style, I encourage you to listen Saharaoui people in exile the most beautiful songs in language Hassaniya of the Sahara.

In aduna blog you can find the old cassette El Wali.

But present music with modern arrangements are also beautiful.

Mariem HasanNayim AlalAziza Brahim
THIS IS GREAT!!! Thanks!
Many thanks for sharing. Apurva from Pune, India.
hmm, s'alright.

Hehe, I checked all your posts, and nothing whatsoever coming from Algeria, and rightly so, I haven't heard anything good coming out of there in recent years, and I go there every year.

I would be dead impressed if you could find something decent from Algeria, so I challenge you. ^__^
Yo this is brilliant.
Here you all can find more similar and related music from the Sahara and surroundings:
Enjoy and thanks, mangue
Awesome Senegal blog, have a nice day.
@ mange.
The Tamasheq have a formidable music, they share landscape and territory with the Maures but they are two different peoples.

The tamasheq is the language Berber spoken by the people known as Touareg and is used for thousands of years in North Africa, have their own writing Tifinagh.

The Maures and Saharahuis speak Hassaniya a dialect of Arabic and for writing they used Arabic calligraphy.
thanks for all the awesome music!!
the best thing i have ever heard

only after Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali
holy shit. made my day.
This band is called Sahara Blues or Mnat Azawan from Guelmim. This is my father Mohammad Bounani and my two sisters. My father has been a traditional singer in Morocco for over 30 years and has travelled around the world representing Moroccan Sahara music.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to email me.
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Hi, this groupe leader is my friend, they are very good singers, and much open and I like their music.
at ELLY - check your head. what about:

orchestre national des barbes
gnawa diffusion
cheik el meskine
chikaha rahma

just to name a few? algeria's got badass tunes all over the place.
Did anyone ever find out the name of the album?
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