Thursday, March 26, 2009


My man Simon is at it again...his last mixtape was warmly received, this one will surely please. It contains deep music by crucial artists from Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal...

Download Simon's Praises & Ballads selection:

Thione Seck - Chauffeur Bi
Alou Fané & Daouda Sangaré - Nambara Mogo
Super Djata de Bamako - Bimoko Magnin
Etoile de Dakar - Aladj
Kojo Mireku's Band - Mepe Me Ho Asem
Ashanti Brothers Band - Odo Afre Me
Dr. T.O. Jazz International Band - Asem Atome
Oko's Guitar Band - Ebeye Yie
Salif Keita & Kante Manflia - Wara-Mana
Ali Farka Toure - Kady
Kassa Tresor Mihindou - Dwimbu
Virtuoses Diabate - N'fa
David Zé - Ngongo Mua Ngola
Balla et ses Balladins - Leydi Mendnin
Celestine Ukwu - Onwu Bu Ugwo
E.T. Mensah and the Tempos Band - Medaho Mao
Cardinal Rex Lawson - Elizer
Lijadu Sisters - Osupa

seriously one of the best music blogs out there... thanks to you and Simon
Yaw, madamfo, I like this blog too much. Please sir, I want to down the tracks from "Magtalena" album that you posted long time, but the links r broken. Can you fix? That is these songs:


You, medasse pii!
hey kofi b, thanks for letting me know, i have fixed the links on those posts.
Hi, I think this is a great site and I have a question. I run a series of reportages on a music station in the Netherlands (see , in Dutch unfortunately) and I would like to do one about this blog. If you've any interest in that, please contact me at postcarddakar [at] and we can take it from there. Hope to hear from you, best, Joost, Dakar.
thanks for the lovely collection and compils.
I went looking for some of the musicians, and ended here:, a seemingly unending library of african disks for download. ideal complement of simon's introduction, I feel.
Thanks; I'll be back
Great work! Any more pre-rockstar Ali Farka Toure on tap? How about Celestine Ukwu?
Your sendspace link isn't working for me at the moment... Alternative host possibly?
Also wished to mention that yr blog is the best out of any I follow... Such great stuff here. Thanks a thousand billion million
HI,i am from Brasil and was going to ghana in 2008 and alove very much the music...............loooooove very much.............. now I see the blog and I put in my blog the link...............
Fine mix!
Especially love the Ghanaian bits (and Rex Lawson)
Thanks, Simon too of course..
I would like to know if u got any backup of everything that are able to upload
cause some links just gone off

sweet music blog. i love it. keep on rockin.
Jay Stevens
Cyber Monday, Gunvault Safes, Umbilical Cord
excellent post - keep up the good work

chin chin!

Montegue Blister
Just downloaded the latest - and it's wonderful. Thanks. One question: was it supposed to download as one long mp3 rather than individual tracks?
is there a list of the songs on the praises and ballads set available? it is amazing...

many thanks,

Echoing Kurt's post, is there any chance of having the downloads as individual songs rather than album length mp3's ? Otherwise, great work mate.
Wonderful blog. Spent some time in Dakar a few years ago and this mix reminds me so much of being in my brothers car, radio blaring, driving along the seafront as the fishing boats came in. Please keep posting.
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