Saturday, September 20, 2008


J.A. Adofo & City Boys International—Amsterdam (29)

Side A
Twe No Bere Me
Esi Wa Noaa
Mofa Enye Me

Side B
Aba No Saa
Afutuo Nsakera Nipa
Ma Me Wuo

Um, yeah, so there are a lot of these tapes in my collection....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Amadou Sangare dit Barry—l'Histoire de Moussa Tchefari Pere de Sabally

Side A
l'Histoire de Moussa Tchefari Pere de Sabally

Side B
l'Histoire de Moussa Tchefari Pere de Sabally

Have patience with this, I think it's worth it. Without understanding a bit of Bambara (or whatever that is) I enjoy the phrasing and rhythm of his words of praise for Mr Tchefari. Look out for some incredibly sensitive (kamal?) ngoni playing, it sounds blues-y at times but I can't do Sangare's improvisational skills any justice here. The ngoni is said to be an ancestor of the banjo. Go figure. (link via rupture, but to be fair at least two professors told me something similar in college so this is like a real-life link/shout-out to the fine folks at Indiana University's folklore and ethnomusicology department... yeah, i just linked to my university.)

More music like this here and here, as well as elsewhere on the blog. You probably get the point.

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