Friday, March 14, 2008


Ibrahim Hamma Dicko

Face A

Face B
Mahanonga Koy

Go get some more music by Ibrahim Hamma Dicko.

Thanks to Landon P for this one.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Manou Fofana—Ko-Te-Ban

Face A
Média Dani
L Pâh
Wola Dingné
Baden Gna

Face B
Mo Kanignôh

This is a tape by a Toma artist from the forest region of Guinea. I'm told Manou Fofana is not very well-known in Conakry, Guinea's capital, but she's all over the radio in Macenta, southeastern Guinea. My friend Simon (of the much-revered Slow Music from Africa mixtape) brought this one back from there. Thanks for sharing this laid-back set of sublime (and dance-able) tunes. I really like tracks like "Walôh," which are apparently based on traditional ceremonial music from the forest.

Some of this tape sounds like modern urban music, other parts feel more traditional. All of it is chill.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Abdou Salam et les tendistes—Bayun Maata

Side One
Dunia Labari
David Ko
Mu Maza

Side Two
Kukan Gobro
Bayun Maata

The CIA's World Factbook describes the geography of Niger as "landlocked; one of the hottest countries in the world; northern four-fifths is desert, southern one-fifth is savanna, suitable for livestock and limited agriculture." Sounds like an intense place. I'm just kind of obsessed with music from this desert-y region. Sadly, this is one of the only tapes I have from Niger.

According to the Voice of America's African music blog (which I can't help but note looks a lot like mine at times), Abdou Salam is quite popular over there. Glad to know since this tape does everything right: nimble vocals, insistent Toureg drums, steadfast repetitions. Recipe for happiness.

I know the bass on side two wasn't recorded to sound that crunchy and distorted, but I happen to like it.

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