Saturday, August 16, 2008


Obuoba J.A. Adofo & City Boys International—Medo Wiase

Side 1
Medo Wiase

Side 2
Odomo Ayikoo
Onyunu Adwo

J.A. Adofo's City Boys was one of Ghana's great late-period highlife bands. This is a tape from the 80s (I think). Much of the music you hear around town—riding public transit (these over-stuffed trucks and vans called trotros), blasting from radios in shops—sounds like this. Perhaps an acquired taste. I like how J.A. Adofo (aka "The Black Chinese of Ghana") and his band draw from non-Ghanaian influences like reggae and soul. Stretching the boundaries of highlife during 80s helped set the stage for the hiplife explosion of the mid-90s. Thank you City Boys.

This band was so impossibly prolific, I could post a different City Boys tape each week for the next six months and we'd probably still be able to dig up a few more.

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excellent tape! it reminds me to a tape i bought 1996 in Accra a late highlife but not yet hiplife style with a house (!) beat by singer SAM T. please upload more of that. its just great!!!!i also enjoyed Allan Familiy Cultural Troupe, whose tape i also bought in 1996. but its another version of yours here.
best wishes, malam bala
dude quit TELLING us about this alleged ghanaian house music cassette by Sam T.... SEND TO US FOR LISTENING :)

let me know if you need advice on how to digitize, etc.
please post a diferent City Boys tape each week for the next six months
well, for the sake of variety perhaps we could make it once a month?
thx to you mate
you're doing a great job. keep it up love you
kwabena, i would upload, but truly i dont know how to digitize tapes...

malam bala
no worries, you may post it to me and I will send back to you or you can download this program or a program like it:

feel free to email me for specific instructions,
You can really hear hte regaae and soul.
first time listening, very interesting
Malam, are you the one who is regretting that you cannot download tunes from VOA?
Well actually you _can_: use your mouse button+key combination that will open it in another window/tab (apple+click on Mac, middle button with unix). You'll then be able to save the new page (the song itself)!
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nice. so cool.
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