Saturday, July 26, 2008


Djaly Ibrahima Seck & Fatou Mbaye Diop—Mbery

Face A

Face B
Kay Waye
Yayou Diaga
Mon Parent

Husband + wife + drums = luminous lovers. This recording is adorable, just adorable.

You're right--it is adorable. I love the music, and I love that cover. She looks like maybe she gets after him occasionally, and he looks like he's crazy about her all the same. What a terrific album this is.
This is a great blog, by the way--thanks for providing so much incredible music!
sounds fun, looking forward to checking this out! Thanks.
a very nice album for their beginning. it was released in 1994, and the song mbery was a hit in senegal for a long time. thanks for bringing back those memories
great stuff thanks for sharing, it was about time Awesome tapes from africa show love to the awesome tapes from senegal
the moussa ngom tape is also a masterpiece, my man ngom is such a great artist
absolutely pimp sauce. thank you so much for sharing these gems.
"donnez moi l'argent / si t un'as pas l'argent tu...." qu'est ce qu'il dit apres ??
what a great tape!!! awesome stuff
This one was really beautiful. I listened to it many times.
Good god, my ears! This is what you call music? Oooga booga!
Unfortunately they have split up now. Rumours go that he cheated on her.
In "Mon parent" he (already) sings that he wants to leave, but she retorts that they should stay together because of the kids.
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Songs are also about religion and the Murid way (fondator Cheikh Amadou Bamba).
wonderful stuff
Adorable indeed. Wonderful tape, thanks so much!

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