Saturday, February 23, 2008


Ebenezer Obey—The Horse The Man And His Son?

Side One
Ko Sogbon To Le Da
Baba Oni Ketekete
Ile Aiye Fun Igba Die Ni

Side Two
Eni Ri Nkan He
Agba Ilu Mo Juba
Eso Pele
Ere Ni Tiwa
Tani Ngo Ro Temi Fun
Igba Nba Jo

Ebenezer Obey is one the masters of Nigerian juju music. He made so many records. I just happen to have this one on cassette, and it just kills. If I don't get lost in the Yoruba language vocals, the secret discourse between guitar and drums makes me dance. You know: that really mellow kind of dance that rich people did at socialites' parties in 1970s Lagos? Yeah, you know the one.

Hello from Spain. I want to say you have a WONDERFUL website. Thanks.
What ontheair00 said ...

Also, man, the Ebenezer Obey stuff here is so much much better than the CD I've got. Keep it coming.
this is a rather wonderful album
i feel moved to say
that it goes so far
as to proper blow my cookies
Great tape. Joy Of Salvation is also great. I got that one from

However, the link is down for that one but some others are still up.
This wonderful. I have been looking for the stuff for more than 10 year. How nice of you to share. Thank you a million
The Nigerian version of cool jazz. Gentle but hot. Lovely. Thank you
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