Friday, February 15, 2008


Awesome Tapes from Africa in the FADER

Look out for the new Africa issue of best music/arts/fashion magazine ever the FADER, which you can download and read for free. So many great stories in there including, a piece on hiplife in Ghana and an article by Jace Clayton aka DJ /rupture.

The Fader issue in magnificent. The images alone are worth the price of the magazine. Good job on getting them hooked up with Lembert...

I sent you over another tape package last week.

The world wants more Kenyan stuff put up.

nice! funny to see how this stuff has become so hip. good work helping to topple a long standing aesthetic prejudice.

quick question- i recently rediscovered some music that i think i might have gotten here but i have no idea who it is- maybe you can help? there is no artist listed but it is stored in my itunes with the song titles Iftin01- Iftin09 . ring any bells? very nice set of laid back groovers with full band & (mostly male) vocals from maybe ethiopia in the 80's. love it and would love to know who it is.

very nice blog
thahks you
Hello everybody,

I am Nicolas Moncadas and maybe you heard of me on Voodfunk last post (Beware mp3).

Her my link on Youtube

Best regards.

whatever...sorry, i think fader is the samo-samo...

i do like the blog...thats not in question...

Thanks so much for the Umaru Sanda!
are you ever going to post some of the other stuff mentioned in that article? I'm especially interested in hearing what Samaya Djeli and Sirina Issah sound like. And that Prince Okla tape would be golden.

Love the blog!
Keep up the fantastic work!
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