Wednesday, August 29, 2007


WFMU's Listener Hour this Saturday at 9am EST will be hosted by Awesome Tapes From Africa

Easily the best thing Jersey has going for it these days, this is WFMU. Freeform and listener-supported. That's the deal.

Find the playlist below and the archive here.


Souley Kante "Bi Magni" Bi Magni
M.S. Hoza Mdumange Ngoma "Karibuni Tanga" Mount Usambara Voice
Ami Koïta "Hadja Bila" Mory Djo
Obrafour "Pae Mu Ka" Pae Mu Ka
Tuba Clan "Jama" Dakoli
Karamoko Keita "Lemourou" Karamoko Keita
Seck, Dianka, Dandi "Nagana" Sounké Vol. 1
Nahawa Doumbia "Djankonia" Best of Nahawa Doumbia
Boubacar Traore "Kayes" Boubacar Traore
Sirina Issah "Cheer the Stars" Cheer the Stars
Armaan "Ramba Ho" Indian Disco [compilation from Bamako]
Ata Kak "Bome Nnwom" Obaa Sima
B.F.G.s "Kpan Kpa" Malzani
Charles Yamoah "Onipa Ho Ye Hu" Best of Yamoah's Band Vol. 2

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Daouda Dembele—El Hadji Sekou Oumar Vol. 2

Side 1
Side 2

Some more of the incredible Malian griot Daouda Dembele. A man, his n'goni and a story.

See my earlier Daouda Dembele post. That's where you'll find vol 1.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Bainito Muyanda—Kifo Cha Wamalwa

Side A
Kifo cha Wamalwa Kijana
Walia Inyanya
Gari Mademo Shina
Vandu vandi vatevananga za Fred

Side B
Ndali Ndataga Inzaga
Kusagare Embenzi
Ugimire Rigembe
Agaromba Wafa
Ndali ni Nzikaye Igisambai
Nang'weye Khunzaga

This stuff all kind of sounds the same to me. I just like ultra-minimal stick-hitting-wood percussion on each song. I know nothing about Kenyan music. This is another tape that was given to me by my friend Josh.

I'm guessing the title of the album and the first song refer to this guy.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


La grande Vedette Malienne Kandja Kouyaté et l'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali

Side A

Side B

This cassette is perfect in almost every way. It makes me want to drop acid and burn incense or something, it's so smokey and dark and surreal. Like late Coltrane.

The distortion here and there on the second side is the bummer (it's the recording and/or tape, not computer fuzz).

Buy some of her music here.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Black Shaolin Monkz Mama Africa

Side A
Intro — St. Quran feat. Thyra
Mama Africa
Monk Funk Classic *
Evil Enemy feat. Project Monkz
Blind Fathers
Classic Instrumentals *

Side B
Balakla feat. Kikuyu *
Slam feat. Samy T Lazy *

*don't miss

This group represents the best and truest English language rap in Ghana. Coolest dudes ever. The Black Monkz have so much respect and admiration for Wu Tang they held a Ghanaian-style funeral for ODB when he passed away. Black Monkz producer and leader Alpha showed me a video of that shit. It was so real.

Black Monkz in their own words

Buy some shit, will ya?

Black Monkz on myspace

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