Friday, June 29, 2007


Yoro Diallo dit Tiekro Bani (Vol 1)

Face A
Walaï Solomani
Djombè Ne Gnèsigui
Saya Tè Djon Tô

Face B
Kobê Wati Yé
Bê Manken
Môgô Lou

Go buy this new thing from the new world music arm of Drag City, Yaala Yaala Records: Pekos / Yoro Diallo. They also just released another CD of music by an artist who has been featured here at awesome tapes from africa, Daouda Dembele. (read: my Daouda Dembele post)

This is a tape from Mali that I bought from my favorite exotic music shop in Accra, Ghana. Apparently Malian expats in Ghana dig them some griot-style vocals with that sick metal scraper in every song, complete with electronic sounds. Life is good.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Faiza Ahmed Allemetny El Donia

Side A

Side B

When I moved to DC after college I knew just one person. That dude had a roommate who became my second friend in DC, Dan. He went to Egypt for work and came back with some tapes. This is one of them.

We often used to eat at this incredible restaurant near their apartment called El Khartoum (a Sudanese spot I presume). The music they played in there sounded roughly like this.

Scariest album cover I've ever seen + dramatic, meslimatic female vocals + sweeping violins = totally sweet.

Many thanks to Dan Haab for this one....

Sunday, June 17, 2007


King Suny Adé and his African Beats Aura

Side One
Ase (featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica)

Side Two
Oremi (featuring Tony Allen and Phil Ramocon)

While I did not purchase this tape in Africa, it is certainly one of the most awesome tapes from Africa. King Sunny Adé, along with Fela Kuti, was a central player in bringing African pop music to the world. Is a major international release a strange choice for my usual showcase of rarities/oddities? This record combines the new and novel studio technologies (for 1983-84), like drum machines and synths, with traditional talking drums and good ol' electric guitars, resulting in brilliant Paradise-Garage-if-it-had-a-Nigerian-branch funkiness.

So many styles of African music have been enhanced by electronic instuments over the years, but few have risen to such sublime heights. I mean, juju music (of which Adé is considered one of the key pillars) gets pretty repetative. I say if you've heard six juju records, you've heard them all. Aura, then, distinctly stands out. Fans of electro, techno and the like will find this cassette particuarly fascinating.

While not a commercial smash, Aura is one of my all time favorite recordings from Nigeria. Buy this record somewhere. I found a clean copy on vinyl in Denver the other day for $3.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Alhaji K. Frimpong Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu

Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu
Yaw Barima
Susu Ne Wonka

Baabi Obi Awuo
Afei Nkyere Ba
Obi Nim
Koforidua Nsuo

I was introduced to this tape by a certain Aaron K. Snyder, of the band The Assdroids. I later went to Ghana and bought myself a copy. There have been tracks from this album posted here in the past, but I am finally throwing up the complete recording. There are many Alhaji K. Frimpong CDs available commercially. Please buy them.

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