Sunday, May 27, 2007


Super Mazembe Kasongo/Ouma

Pepeye (Reprise)
Prekete (Reprise)
Ilena (Reprise)
Shauri Yako

Spooky guitar reverb, darkly romantic harmony and all around bizarro production make the song "Ilena" (along with its second patmy favorite here. The opening to "Pepeye" makes me feel like Side B comes in particularly stark contrast with Side A. The first side is a party; the second side make time for more creative introspection via challenging arrangements and such. I'm reading way too deeply into this...

You can buy this music here

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Super Mazembe Kasongo/Ouma


I don't have anything to say about this. Congolese music found in Kenya by my friend Joshua. I will post side B next week. That one is actually much more wild than this.

You can buy this music here

Sunday, May 20, 2007


13 Recordz présente Vrai 2 Vrai (1-2ground Prophecy)

Wax Tond B.K
Kidam G Vu/Interlude
La Korektion Assez
Vagabond Squad Laroute
Wem-Tang-Clan Lapreuve*
Fleck-C L Mec 2 Bloc
Zone 1 featuring Aramiss Born To Do It
Acee featuring Anie Ghetto Luv Remix
Fleche Feno featuring Sikira & Aramiss Ach7 La/Outro

* Don't miss this track

Here is Side B of Vrai 2 Vrai. Take note of the beat on the last track, the phrasing of the sweet vocal sample feels so right. Unfortunately, the rest of the song is not particularly interesting (to me). That Wem-Tang-Clan track, however, is a certified banger.

Next week: more from Kenya

Saturday, May 12, 2007


13 Recordz présente Vrai 2 Vrai (1-2ground Prophecy)

Acee Ghetto Luv
Volcan C Urgent
Eddy featuring Serge B Woto (Zoasongo)
King Ade featuring El Primo Vas Leur Dire
SQN 1-10pensable
Shaaka featuring Malto Faya Pump
Aramiss featuring El Primo Vrai 2 Vrai
Ravayak featuring Golgo13 Laru

This is a hip-hop compilation from Burkina Faso. Looks like a label mixtape. It contains many bangers. The implications of a tape like this to someone who likes rap are mind-boggling. How many people even know where Burkina Faso is?? And these kids are rappig in French, English and local languages like this? And this is from back in 2004? Imagine what their shit sounds like now. Maybe globalization ain't all that bad....

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Oriango & Kipchamba

Bane Matanda
Sukuli Ab Musoknotet*
Wuiyee My Lover*

*w/ the amazing spoken intro

By popular demand, "Face 2" of the Charles A. Chepkwony Magtalena cassette. The second side is labelled Oriango & Kipchamba. Anyone know who/what that is? Whatever it is, I like this Kenyan guitar band split.

One of the musical themes from Face 1 seems to get reprised in the third track of this side (Bane Matanda), making me wonder if both sides are not the same band?? Maybe just another ones of those random tape programming oddities??? Mysterious.

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