Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I made a mistake and have the sides for the Khaira Arby cassette reversed in the two prior posts. That means the link to "Ya Rassoul" is actually the song "Ehe Sourgou," and vice versa. The link to "Tombouctou" is really "Sourgou," and so on. I'm going to try and switch them around to their correct places. In the meantime, now you know. My bad...

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Khaira Arby - Ya Rassoul

Ehe Sourgou
Lili Yore*

Here is the second side of Khaira Arby's Ya Rassoul. See why this so wonderful?

* I especially like this one.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Khaira Arby - Ya Rassoul

Ya Rassoul

This is the best music I know of in the Sahel. Khaira Arby is enormously popular in Timbuktu, where you will hear this tape playing out of a ghetto blaster in a shop or the cassette deck of a car. This is not "world music," this is just plain old awesome music that straddles the linguistic and cultural divide of a place like Timbuktu. Arby sings in Tamashek and Sonrai languages, among others, appealing to two of the main groups living in Timbuktu, the Tuareg and Songhai.

Sorry to be out of the game for a while... perhaps this tape makes up for the wait? Seriously, this is one of my top three favorites. Period.

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