Sunday, December 23, 2007


Kumasi Bantama Christ Revival Singers—Wo Pe Nye Ho

Side One
Wo Pe Nye Ho
Meka Masem Akyere No
Su Gu Meso
Me Nyame Kae Me
Bisa Me Ho
Hye Den Na Mensuro

Side Two
Mewo Anidaso
Wone Nyame Nam Mensuro
Na Aden Ni Komm Yi, San Behwe Wo Mma
Agya Bedi Manim

This one's for the holiday coming up. Xmas in Hawaii, by way of Kumasi, Ghana. Bantama is the neighborhood in Kumasi where I saw a street performer eat glass and make a newspaper filled with wine disappear. That was kind of spiritual. Hawaiian guitar here kills it. Womb-y bass and angelic chorus make for an all around soothing holiday gait. Just imagine that crackliness is coming from the fireplace not the old vinyl from which this tape was sourced.

These tracks really live up to the name of your blog - awesome, just awesome!

BTW, the link on Side One is lacking the "h" in "http" I had to type it in manually to get it to work.
thanks for catching that, john!
wowa, I would love to see the fucking FLANGER pedal that he's running his guitar through.
Nice lap steel.

I will be up in New York next month for the APAP conference. Let's get a beer......

but of course...

overall i think the design of this tape cover is very nice: lapsteel, traditional cloth, everything tilted.
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