Saturday, December 15, 2007


Dr. Orlando Owoh & His Omimah Band

Side One
Ero Ki Yeye Mi
Omiye Lala
Osupa Roro

Side Two
Iyawo Olele
Omo Ni Ye
Mo Baju Wo Oju Orun/Irawo Mi Ko Ni Ku

Orlando Owoh is a pretty big deal. Nigerian highlife is a pretty big deal. This tape enjoys that floaty highlife levitation thing but stays grounded with its ill battery of talking drums, etc. Juju refugees gone wild. Wayward highlife guitar meanderings jut out in the mix. It's all good. Watch out for calculated drum breaks toward the end of "Omiye Lala" and "Iyawo Olele."

This music on this tape was originally released in 1975, according to the meticulous Toshiya Endo.

good stuff... thanks!
thanks! I really love your website--been following for a few months now.
Great that Orlando Owoh's music is getting some exposure-- it seems his fate (along with such masters as Oliver de Coque, Stephen Osadebe et al.) is to remain in the tall shadow of King Sunny Ade. I hope someone someday will re-release 'Dr. Ganja's Polytonality Blues', a late '90s Owoh compilation.

Great site!
damn. best album title ever!
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