Sunday, October 07, 2007


Boubacar Traore

Face A

Face B
Khobe Natouma

This might just be the best of all the awesome tapes from Africa I've heard thus far.

The film about Mali's Boubacar Traore, I'll Sing For You, is incredibly beautiful, as are these and other Boubacar Traore recordings. Go see him perform live if you can.

Excellent post - thank you
yeah yeah yeah
Wonderful post, thank you very much
Yeah, great stuff! Any chance you know what year this tape was released?
this one's hitting me pretty hard. much thanks
this is awesome.
I found this same album named "Mariama" on iTunes and Amazon. Same tracks with better sound quality.
well, in that case, everyone should buy this record.
This is totally beautiful.

I really dig the plaintive, solitary vibe, and the classic unintentionally psychedelic production values.

Strange, but it reminds vaguely of some Indonesian Gitar Tunggal music.

I've got some of that posted on my blog,
hey there,
my english is not so good, but wanted to tell you, that this blog is just AWESOME. much much respect for that.

i'm listening to the boubacar traore tape right now, can't describe my feelings... i love african music SO MUCH.

thank you thank you thank you for this great music you share!
greets from germany!
I've been reading your blog for a while, and I have to say that I have gone totally crazy for this and the Kandja Kouyate tapes. I heard some other things by these artists since, and I don't know what it is about the cassettes that make the recordings feel more incredible, but thanks for blowing my mind.
thank you so much for this album. beautiful indeed
Wow. I saw this cat at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washinton two years back.

thank you for posting.
Thanks for the Kennedy Center link. There are two full length show that play in Real Player. I'm watching one right now, and it is fantastic.
That show must have been amazing.
boubacar performing live = one of the best living african artists by far... glad ya'll are enjoying. thanks for the comments!
Hi, and thanks for a great blog. I just finished reading a book by Lieve Joris called Mali Blues, and the last third of the book is about her encounters with Boubacar Traoré. It's certainly worth a look for those who enjoy his music.

Keep up the good work!
Incredible stuff man! I can't describe my feelings for your amazing blog. Boubacar Traore is one of a kind, a real masterpiece. Thank you so much for your gifts!
Wow, how could I miss this post? Great!

Afaik, "Mariama" is from 1994 (I have it on CD).

I would recommand the "Kongo Magni" album, his last one. Boubacar still plays his unique solo-guitar style, but invites some guest to improve his songs, with harmonica, accordeon or kamale n'goni. Great ! The fact that this guy could evolve at his age makes me optimistic.
Your blog is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much. I'm just starting to explore African music, and the track-by-track layout makes it a lot easier than most blogs.

You can download the CD version of this album at:

Please keep up the good work!
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i bought the cd right there in bamako, jus t imagine i cry everytime i listen to kar kar, i love mali so much !! anyway, in occident we spread love the BK way !!! love from marseille, france
PS and thanx for the mp3's !
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Can you please report these? I love the way your cassette rip sounded so much more than the itunes versions. Got lost somewhere along the way and I'd love to hear it again. Thanks
please repost !
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