Saturday, May 12, 2007


13 Recordz présente Vrai 2 Vrai (1-2ground Prophecy)

Acee Ghetto Luv
Volcan C Urgent
Eddy featuring Serge B Woto (Zoasongo)
King Ade featuring El Primo Vas Leur Dire
SQN 1-10pensable
Shaaka featuring Malto Faya Pump
Aramiss featuring El Primo Vrai 2 Vrai
Ravayak featuring Golgo13 Laru

This is a hip-hop compilation from Burkina Faso. Looks like a label mixtape. It contains many bangers. The implications of a tape like this to someone who likes rap are mind-boggling. How many people even know where Burkina Faso is?? And these kids are rappig in French, English and local languages like this? And this is from back in 2004? Imagine what their shit sounds like now. Maybe globalization ain't all that bad....

Very cool. Are we getting Side B?
Yeah, what doctor X said, we love African hiphop. Please please PLEAAAASE upload side B.
This is excellent.

Thanks for discovering and presenting a great source of new music.

Awesome. The whole thing's awesome. Excellent blog. Thank you so much.
I have a friend who lives in Burkina Faso... she has never heard anything like this...
it's not my style... but very interesting
Good to see you back again (just came back to see what's going on here)!
Side B is coming this weekend. thanks for the props, ya'll!
Awesome, thanks so much. I'm very excited to have discovered this blog.
GREAT STUFF! THANX A LOT but we need side b!!! Hope also to find more african hip hop ... thanx again
gracias, estoy viendo como conseguir musica africana, yo vivo en mexico, saludos
Such a pitty links are broken. . . .
fixed the links ya'll!
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